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Wacker 2.2 ton excavator


This Wacker ET20 excavator is full spec machine with the following options fitted as standard,

Vds ubder carriage, long dozer blade, 2 door cabin, radio, extra cab lights & factory beacon, long arm, check valves, hydraulic quick hook, 3 pipe aux hydraulic lines, varible track width, Back hoe - excavator patern control change over switch.

she weighs 2190kg, has a dig depth of        mm  & a load over hight of     mm, in the narrowest track setting she is 990mm wide & in the widest setting she is 1340mm wide, she is " 3 machines in 1 " ,

( 990mm wide / 2.2 ton / will dig to the depth of a 3 toner using the VDS across the tracks )