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Wacker 1 ton excavator

803 ( dual power )

Wacker 803 ( dual power ) has a weight of 1089 kg ( 1 ton ) & is fitted with a Yanmar 13hp engine, tracks fully extended gives a max width of 860mm & with the tracks fully retracted she is 700mm, dig depth is 1763mm & the load over hight is 2012mm, This little machine " Packs a big punch ", everything about this machine is right but most important nothing is complicated & this in turn makes for a reliable machine,

The dual power is a optional feature that allows the machine to be used / run from a external power pack, this in turn makes the machine 100% 0% emissions, she is also 100% quiet with no engine noise when run on daul power, this makes the machine ideal for all indoor excavating where noise & exhast fumes may cause a problem